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  Siftproof specialist autogun  

One of the greatest problems in packaging is the glue spray programming required for different sized boxes, often requiring the use of multiple guns. The new Preo Siftproof gluing system is based on an innovative packaging technology improving flexibility and reducing the downtime required by glue gun size changes. With its superior technology and reliability, the Sift Proof series delivers a perfect seal, preventing any leakage from the packaging. At the same time, it prevents humidity, foreign particles and insects from entering, alleviating the need for protective plastic liners and thereby reducing manufacturing costs.

The Sift Proof series is made up of a series of zero cavity technology and self-cleaning nozzles that eliminate obstructions caused by carbonization. Inside each nozzle there is also a hard metal needle covered with PVD ensuring the greatest spraying reliability and facilitating repeat operation even in high production environments. The versatility of the Siftproof allows simple and quick installation directly onto the packaging line. Size changes can be facilitated using a selector, eliminating the need for size changes.

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PREO Specialist
Siftproof auto gun
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PREO Specialist
Multimodule auto gun


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