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Twister F-15 Auto-loader

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The PREO Twister F-15 Auto-loader for hot melt adhesives can be installed and used on any gluing system. It allows adhesive to be loaded into the machine automatically and maintains constant tank adhesive levels without operator intervention. The Twister F-15 has two highly dependable technical characteristics; the control unit and suction pump. The control unit is connected to a sensor that detects the level of the adhesive inside the melting tank. When the level is low, a precise signal is sent to the suction pump, which intervenes by loading small quantities of adhesive and ensuring the tank is kept constantly full. This avoids carbonisation and exposure of the adhesive to external contaminants. Installation of the PREO Twister F-15 system takes less than one hour, and requires only a single power outlet and an air supply.

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PREO Auto Loader Twister F15
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